Book a fishing trip to Cayo Romano Cuba or go it alone?

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Should you book a fishing trip to Cayo Romano or go it alone? Many anglers ask themselves this question, often venturing into the unknown has them scurrying to a $5000-$7000 package deal. However, no permits are required to fish in Cuba and, the beauty of fishing the flats is that no boat is required anyway. The weather is so good you can fish in shorts and a t-shirt. In certain areas you can wade out for over 1km and still find compacted sand on the flats in these shallow waters. What a tour will certainly get you is fishing from a boat, maybe a few blue holes but, is this really necessary?


We´ve had numerous anglers achieve Caribbean Grand Slam right on the coast, just off the mangroves so, again, is the boat worth $4000-$6000 more than a $1000 week going it alone? It’s all down to your personal preferences and whether you absolutely “must” fish from a boat to make your experience whole. Nevertheless, for those who don’t need the motorized fishing experience, fishing off Cayo Romano is achievable at a budget price, often less than a fifth of your boat focused fishing tours. We will start with the essentials:

  • You will need to rent a car to move you and your fishing gear around plus, get out to the best remote areas of Cayo Romano or Cayo Paredon Grande (just further up the road). You can book a Car Rental in Cuba with us at the link.
  • You will need accommodation. The easy route is to take an all-inclusive Hotel on Cayo Coco. Cayo Coco is just 15 minutes by car from Cayo Romano and, getting here is as easy as driving back past the airport, then continuing along the only road there is. If your budget does not extend to an all-inclusive, or you’d prefer to stay in the “Authentic Cuba” then this is not a problem. You can stay in Moron at either a cheap $20 per night hotel or a cheaper Casa Particular (around $15) by checking here.
  • You could also take a package that includes both Cuba Hotel and Car for less than $1000 a week. If you’re more people in the same vehicle (we have 5 to 9 seat vehicles), you can even add extra rooms to the package. We will advance book the exact hotels you’ll need from the package, based upon your itinerary, since these packages have a fixed cost no matter which of the hotels within the package you stay at. You could take one of these packages, fish for a few days then venture off to any other area of Cuba. Wherever there’s a hotel from the package, you can stay there with this offer (check the previous link for more details)

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If you are serious about a fishing trip to Cuba, whether it be to Cayo Romano or anywhere else on the island, click the chat button on this website and tell us what you’d like to do, when you’d like to go and how much you’d like to spend and we will create a package to suite your exact budget and needs. There’s no cost to chat with us about this, so give us a try, we’ve been booking trips to Cuba since 1995, so you’re in good hands!

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