Heat it up at Cayo Romano

Love in Cuba

Have you ever dreamt of being alone with your partner on a Caribbean island with nobody around? How about just you two on an idyllic deserted Caribbean beach? Sound like the makings of something good? Cayo Romano is just 15 minutes drive from Cayo Coco and 30 minutes from Cayo Guillermo, yet couples visiting these Caribbean Resorts (up to 15,000 people at any one time), never venture beyond their hotels. What if we told you that Cayo Romano is where all the above is possible and more…?

Cuba Love Cayo Romano

Getting to Cayo Romano is as easy as renting a car and driving on the only road on the aforementioned Cays, past the Jardines del Rey airport, then straight ahead. The road cuts through the center of Cayo Guillermo. The first left turn takes you to the desolate and uninhabited northern coastal beaches, then on to Cayo Paredon Grande.

If you prefer, don’t take the first left but the second (about 2km later) you´ll arrive at a beach and coastline like something from a TV Ad. Around 4km in length, the beach is totally deserted with no; people, buildings, hotels or anything else.

Finally, if you don’t turn left at the second turn off, instead continuing ahead, you’ll arrive at the end of Cayo Romano and yet more empty and secluded beaches.

So… no more excuses, make your fantasy a reality. Take some refreshments, a few beers and some snacks and head down to Cayo Romano. We guarantee you won’t see anyone else (unless they’ve read this…) and you are assured absolute and total “aloneness”, just you and your partner…

You’ll thank us for this tip and, will probably never forget it either…Cayo Romano Love