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Casa Particular in Cayo Romano

A Casa Particular in Cayo Romano or home stay in Cayo Romano or just outside Cayo Romano is currently not an option because the Jardines de Rey Islands have no inhabitants to speak of, they are simply tourism resorts built in the 1980s and 1990s. The closest place to stay at a Casa Particular would be either Moron (67km from Cayo Romano) or Ciego de Avila (102km from Cayo Romano).

However, all is not lost, because we offer Casa Particulars in both of these cities and many others in Cuba if you click here. There are also some budget hotels listed on that same page that start at just $16-22 per night which are invariably as cheap as a Casa Particular.

Cayo Romano Casa Particular SearchSome Cheap Hotels near Cayo Romano, where a night won’t cost you over $20:

Hotel Moron Ciego de Avila

Hotel Ciego de Avila