Fishing the flats at Cayo romano and Cayo Paredon

Flats Fishing Cayo Romano

Both Cayo Romano and Cayo Paredon Grande offer easily accessible flats that are an inviting combination of hard packed white sand and a semi firm mottled bottom that guarantees a solid footing and good wading. What you will find is a virtually untouched flats oasis, absolutely teaming with fish and wildlife. Both locations are excellent for those who like to wade close to the shore. The amount of area that’s wadeable is simply stunning and, as you’ve guessed; the need for an expensive tour or even a boat is simply not essential in order to enjoy this virgin area. You can go it alone with your rod or, with a few friends, and have an immense fishing experience.

Saltwater Flats Cayo Romano

In these shallow waters, bonefish are a healthy 2.2kg (4lbs) and during the course of the day it is not unheard of for guests to land a fish or two in the 4.5kg (10 lbs) range. Tailing bonefish are widespread and you can expect to frequently see bonefish in singles and doubles, all the way up to schools of several hundred fish at a time. What really sets this location apart from so many others in Cuba is that anglers can expect to encounter and get shots at good numbers of permit fish each day. There are very few places on earth where guests can fish for big bonefish each day and get shots at tailing permit at the same time. The consistency of this is virtually guaranteed at Cayo Romano no matter when you go. In fact, it is a rare day when you don’t encounter and get shots at permit. When you do snag a permit, it will range in size between about 3.6 and right up to 13.6kh (8 – 30lbs). During the months of April and May, during breeding seasons, the sardine schools are in and fish over 45kg (100 lbs) can be landed.