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Grand Slam Cuba Caribbean

It’s a dream of many anglers to catch a bonefish, tarpon and permit during one day of fishing. Achieving your own Grand Slam is a reality in the waters off Cayo Romano. It is no secret that Cuba’s northern coast is well known to ensure some of the best fly fishing possibilities in the Caribbean. Cayo Romano holds big numbers of local tarpon and, on some of them are big schools of migrating tarpon, passing by on the way to their spawning grounds.

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Cayo Romano and the area in the bay between the island and Cayo Paredon is perhaps the most interesting destination for giant tarpon in the Caribbean. Both Cayo Paredon and Cayo Romano are still relatively unknown to anglers so, finding a good spot is as easy as patrolling the desolate flats. You simply won’t see more than 1 or 2 other anglers, if any at all.

The beauty of fishing off the coast of Cayo Romano is that the big three – tarpon, permit and bonefish – can be caught the whole year round, making it possible to catch your own “Grand Slam” with relative ease, especially if you start out early and make it a whole day of fishing. While searching for your trophy, you’ll get barracudas, groupers, jacks, trigger fish. You’ll also snag the ferocious Cubera Snapper, one of the hardest fighters compared to its size and weight. The different species that are to be found on the flats make the fishing very rewarding since there are always some fish around that can be caught. Just come prepared and in good shape because while trying for your Grand Slam they might be some very strong fighters!

The huge flats offer great Grand Slam possibilities for the flat angler. You can fish for bones, permit and tarpon by wadeing the shallow flats and bordering mangroves and, if you wade out far enough, you can go ahead and cast into a blue hole for big tarpon. However some real giants can be caught just by staying on the flats. If you stay on Cayo Coco and hire a car you can explore Cayo Romano with your family. It’s a great destination to let the kids play around on the beach while you get off to snag a big one! It’s very easy to remain in eyesight but still get some serious fishing under your belt.